Have you found yourself getting bored while diving lately? Have you recently been certified to SCUBA dive and aren't quite sure what in the world you're looking at? Are you an aspiring underwater photographer that is looking to capture really amazing shots? If you answered yes to any of the above, then SCUBA dictionary is for you.

SCUBA dictionary is your personal underwater adventure guide. It profiles 40 common species of fish, invertebrates, plants and corals. On the front of each page is a photo montage showing you exactly the type of behavior or cue to observe. On the back of that dedicated species page you'll find the common and latin names, the location as well as time to find the species, and fast facts. The facts include tips on how to observe the interesting behaviors (corresponding to the photos on the opposite side), points for conservation, as well as tips on how to "get the shot".

    36 inch SCUBA dic. Retractor
1. Quick Release
2. Self draining w/full swivel head
3. 6 oz. Stainless steel spring
4. Dive flag logo print
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